Secure your email data. Highly secure email archiving for compliance, with encryption at rest and in transit.

Search encrypted and plain-text content. Overcome legacy email archiving problems and search across both plain-text and Switch-encrypted emails.

Quickly respond to data requests. Meet regulatory requirements with easy search and export for Freedom of Information requests and Subject Access Requests.

Restrict user access. Control user searches, with votes required before users can search sensitive content.

View full audit logs and access reports. Keep track of all user access to the email store, including all searches and content downloads.

Choose any storage and platform provider. Store your email data in the cloud, on-premise, or go hybrid for the best of both worlds.

Store data based on classification. Automatically store sensitive data on-premise but use cloud storage for day to day emails and access everything from a unified dashboard.

Organize and customize user permissions. Highly configurable role-based procedures and policies enable administrators to fully control and constrain how their users interact with email data.

Integrate with authentication tools. Benefit from single sign on, and use multi-factor authentication for additional security.


Search across email and inside attachments. Use the powerful search engine to search emails, subject lines, meta data and even inside attached documents, including Egress-encrypted content.

Access personal email archiving from Outlook. Integration into Outlook helps everyone access their historic email data easily.

Bolster your business continuity strategy. Make it easy to carry on working even if mail servers go down, accessing emails and replying directly from Egress Secure Vault.

Conduct searches on plaintext and encrypted emails within Outlook with Egress Secure Vault.

Use e-discovery to gain insight. Get an overview of your entire mail store, and drill down to gain serious insight into how users are sharing and securing content via email.

Understand your data. View data in a variety of informative ways. Charts and graphs provide effective, exportable visualizations to evaluate your organization's data security.

Improve your information security strategy. Drill down into dates, users, security methods and keywords, and understand where you need to make changes and educate users.

Prevent a data breach. Shore up your data protection strategy, identify strengths and weaknesses in how people are sharing sensitive content, and reduce the risk of data breaches.

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