Seamlessly deploy Egress data security technology. Take your pick of Egress server infrastructure, with a choice of hosting options in the cloud, on-premise or a hybrid of both.

Integrate data protection technology into everyday work processes. Embed data security into your organization, whether it’s scanning and classifying documents, encrypting messages, tracking and reporting on shared sensitive content, or preventing misaddressed emails.

Assign security policies to users and groups. Manage how employees share sensitive data and stay in control of how third-party recipients use the data they receive, so you can prevent email forwarding, downloading and printing.

Fit email encryption into existing anti-virus and malware protection. Egress’ email gateway server can be deployed alongside existing anti-virus, anti-spam, archiving and content filtering products to produce a comprehensive email security solution.


Enforce security based on organizational policy. Egress server infrastructure can recommend security classifications for documents based on your DLP library, to reduce the likelihood of human error causing data breaches.

Protect email content and attachments, including large files. Egress technology can be used to encrypt emails and attachments, including files that exceed Exchange limits, securing all types of information your employees share via email.

Automate email encryption for enhanced security. By classifying documents and scanning email content for DLP policy triggers, Egress infrastructure can enforce automatic message encryption and decryption at the email gateway server.

Stop emails being sent to the wrong people.  Egress technology can be used to monitor data sharing patterns to understand who staff email and stop them sending emails to incorrect recipients.


Meet compliance requirements and conduct investigations with limited overhead. Egress server infrastructure supports Switch Secure Vault, our email analytics and compliance reporting tool.

Monitor outbound communications to enhance security. Organizations can monitor when employees use encryption technology or when they release personal data in plaintext. Improving security policy and training reduces the likelihood of sensitive information being shared with unauthorized recipients.

Search plaintext and encrypted emails. Egress server infrastructure helps admins search and report on plaintext and Switch-encrypted content, making it easy to conduct Freedom of Information requests and Subject Access Requests.

Use discovery and analytics to understand and protect personal data. Identify the types of personal data that staff handle, as well as how they choose to share this information with third parties, to identify strengths and areas for improvement in your organization’s data protection policy.

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