How do you ensure technology investment does not disrupt operational efficiency and damage competitive advantage?

As business operations lead, you are constantly juggling the need to innovate and invest in new systems with the need to build solutions that improve end user efficiency, not reduce it. As organizations increasingly recognize the benefits of an outsourced model and the cloud, this challenge is increasingly a board level discussion point, with pressure on you to demonstrate results at the center of the company's strategic vision.

Deliver streamlined technology solutions that fully integrate and focus on seamless ease of use.

At Egress, we recognize that if you want staff to use encryption technology you have to make the experience as seamless and close to existing processes as possible. So we have built an encryption platform which does just that, whether that means email encryption and large file transfer with an Outlook add-in, seamless integration with Microsoft 365 and Google Apps via ADFS or SAML2 protocols or the ability for users to access encrypted data on the move via all major mobile devices (IOS and Android).

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