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The only intelligent, risk-based security solution that eliminates human-led security breaches.


Prevent data loss and protect data on email

Egress’ intelligent email security combines contextual machine learning and advanced DLP to prevent misdirected emails and attachments, and ensures the appropriate level of protection is applied as sensitive data is shared.

  • Prevent emails being sent to the wrong person. Find out more.
  • Protect your emails with encryption, with free access to read and reply to emails for non-subscribers. Find out more.
  • Send large files securely by email. Find out more.
  • Understand what sensitive data is leaving your organization. Find out more.

Secure online file sharing and collaboration

Egress secure file sharing and collaboration lets you stay in control when sharing files and personal information with colleagues, clients, and customers.

Intelligent software that…

  • Mitigates risk by proactively detecting and preventing potential employee-based data breaches
  • Applies the appropriate level of security to sensitive data
  • Empowers user to share information without fear of a data breach
  • Dramatically accelerate MS Office 365 adoption
  • Provides a streamlined process for sharing and managing large multi-media files
  • Provides organizations with the path to regulatory compliance

Easy-to-use software

Egress software is designed with the user in mind. If a security solution is too intrusive or complicated to use, then it won’t be used.

Flexible and scalable

We understand that businesses are not static. Our platform allows you to add security solutions as your needs change, with a range of hosting options.

Security you can trust

We utilize 256-bit encryption for data both at rest and in transit. With the only independent security product to be NCSC certified, you know your data is safe with us.

Working with multinational organizations down to individual consultants, our secure network spans millions of users worldwide.

A trusted security company

Find out more about our accreditations and certifications here.

What are you looking for?

“I need to stop employees from sending emails to the wrong people.”

Egress Risk-based Protection

“I need to protect my emails and send large files.”

Egress Secure Email and File Transfer

“I need to know what data is leaving my organization and generate reports.”

Egress eDiscovery and Analytics

“I need to identify and classify my sensitive documents in Office 365.”

Egress Email and Document Classification

“I need a secure area where my global team can share files and work together.”

Egress Secure Workspace

“I need an easy and secure way for outsiders to send me sensitive files or videos.”

Egress Secure Web Form

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