In providing our platform and services, we and our group companies may use subcontractors to provide specialist functionality and services such as hosting, payment processing or customer support.

We’ve set out details of who these companies and the role that they play below.

Not all of them will be relevant to the way that you access our platform or to the services that you may request from us.  If you’re unsure, please check the terms of your agreement with us or get in touch with your account manager. If you don’t have one, just drop us a line at  

Host providers of customer content

As a cloud provider we may host all or part of your Content on one or more of these provider’s platforms:

Amazon Web Services

Microsoft Azure

UK Fast.Net Limited

UKCloud Ltd

Customer support services

Zendesk, Inc.

Provide support ticket and online chat software and services.

CalliTech Limited (trading as MoneyPenny)

Provide overflow support call services, and transfer out-of-hours support calls to our engineers.

LogMeIn USA, Inc.

Provides GoToAssist, a tool that we use to remotely access your device if required (and approved by you) to provide certain support services.

Microsoft Dynamics

Used by us and our group companies for customer relationship management services.

Marketing Services

CommuniGator Ltd

Assist in data collection and the sending out of marketing correspondence (therefore only relevant where you’ve consented to receiving this material). We also use a cookie provided by CommuniGator Ltd, please see our Cookie Policy for more information.

LogMeIn USA, Inc.

Provide webinar software and functionality.

WisePops, SAS

Provide the whitepaper download functionality.

Training Services

The IT Service Limited

May be involved in providing training services to you where you purchase these from us.

Website Payment Services


Provide payment services if you purchase access to our platform directly through our website.

We have entered into agreements with these companies on suitable terms to comply with our existing data protection obligations and we keep, and will continue to keep, those terms under review.

Our Group Companies

Depending on where you or your group are based, and how you’ve asked us to provide the platform and services to you, other companies in our group may be involved in the provision of our Platform and Services to you.

Egress Software Technologies Ltd. (UK)

Egress Software Technologies Inc. (US)

Egress Software Technologies Inc. (Canada)

Last updated

22 October 2018

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