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Stop sending emails to the wrong person

Tackling the insider threat

With over 80% of data breaches caused by accidental loss, learn what steps you can take to protect your business today.

Email security in Outlook and Gmail

Flexible email security

One of the most common ways for employees to share data with others is via email. Find out how encryption can be used to secure your emails.

Create data reports and subject access requests

Compliance reporting and auditing

Data protection regulations are becoming more strict with larger penalties. Discover what you can do in order to ensure your organisation maintains compliance.

Secure online team documents

Secure file sharing and collaboration

Every business wants and effective way to share information. Find out how your business can share sensitive information and still be compliant with current regulations.

Prevent data breach

Preventing data breaches

The number of data breaches continues to rise year on year. With current data protection regulations, what steps can your organisation take to avoid a breach?

Data security GDPR compliance

HIPAA compliance

Preparing your organization for a HIPAA Audit with industry compliant encryption.

Data security GDPR compliance

GLBA compliance

How do you ensure GLBA compliance with industry compliant email and file encryption.

Data security GDPR compliance

Preparing for GDPR

The EU GDPR improves data protection in organisations which handle EU citizen's data. Learn what your business can do to comply with the new regulations.

Security in Office 365 and G Suite

Securing the cloud - Microsoft Office 365 and Google Apps

It can be difficult to encourage use of a security solution when it slows employees down. Find available security solutions for Office 365 and Gmail.

Security in Microsoft Exchange

Transport agent for Microsoft Exchange

Find out how you can customise your secure email solution with Microsoft exchange.

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