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connect_programme_logo_digital_colour September 5, 2019

Digital Connect: It’s time to turn the tide on email data breaches


Another day, another data breach hits the headlines. And on top of unfavourable media attention, Ponemon Institute reports that enterprise organisations can now expect these incidents to cost an average of $3.92m.

Turning this tide requires a clear understanding of why breaches happen so that effective solutions can be implemented to mitigate risk. So far, so easy? In our experience, when it comes to insider data breaches, this can be a complex issue that’s fraught with difficulties – particularly when trying to mitigate incidents caused by human error and people ‘just trying to get their jobs done’.

On September 5 at 3PM BST, join Cybersecurity Expert Lisa Forte (Red Goat Cybersecurity LLP) and Egress CPO Sudeep Venkatesh as they examine ‘well-intentioned’ data breaches caused when staff share data via email. In particular, this session will cover:

  • The problems caused by unauthorised access to data and failing to adequately protect personal information
  • The psychology behind these incidents
  • How advances in machine learning and advanced DLP technology can solve this problem

Register here to attend.

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