Video: Egress Intelligent Email Security

Find out more about how our email data security platform works.

Email security


Every day, people in your organisation use email to share sensitive information - whether in the office, working from home, or on the go. You are at risk of a breach if this data is accidentally or intentionally shared with unauthorised recipients, or doesn’t have the right level of security applied.

The consequences of a breach can be severe - including fines and damaged reputations. So you need to be confident that you can mitigate this risk.

Egress’ Intelligent Email Security recognises the risk people pose to data and wraps tools around them to prevent breaches and protect information.

Our solution empowers your employees to use email securely and efficiently. Powered by contextual machine learning, we deliver real-time guidance that can:

  • Prevent information from being sent to the wrong person; and
  • Protect emails with the right level of security;

We also enable admins to thoroughly Investigate and measure the risk of a security breach.

This risk-based approach ensures that the sensitive information in your organisation remains confidential, eliminating the risk of a data breach; safeguarding compliance; and avoiding significant financial and reputational damage.

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