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Our human layer email security software uses contextual machine learning, powerful encryption and analytics technologies to prevent human-activated data breaches, protect sensitive data, and enable you to identify areas of risk across your email network.

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Egress Prevent

We use contextual machine learning and advanced DLP technologies to dynamically help employees make good security decisions. This includes detecting and preventing accidental and intentional data leaks, and ensuring the right level of protection is applied to sensitive data when it's shared with the correct recipients.

Egress' email security solution uses an unobtrusive user interface that analyses the content, context and recipients of every email and attachment, providing instant advice to your employees when abnormal behaviour is identified.

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Key features

  • Contextual machine learning
  • Recipient domain analysis
  • Content analysis
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Egress Protect

We make email security easy using our simple plug-in or by automating protection based on your security policies. Our intelligent technology can determine the actual risk of a breach as data is shared to ensure the correct security and control is always applied. 

As well as encrypting message content and attachments, we provide total control to keep shared data safe, including email recall, message restrictions and detailed audit reports.

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Key features

  • Message-level encryption
  • Message revocation
  • Machine learning and data analytics
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Egress Investigate

Our eDiscovery software delivers time-saving reporting and analytics across your email network, enabling you to effectively measure risk, prevent security breaches and comply with regulations.

With granular analysis of email trends and patterns within your business, we provide a complete picture of risk, highlighting any areas of non-compliance with today's stringent data protection laws.

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Key features

  • Elastic search functionality
  • Comprehensive data search
  • SAR fulfilment

Key benefits


We empower your employees to work productively and securely, getting the right email to the right recipient with the right level of protection applied.


Our intelligent email security service wraps protection around your users to stop human-led data breaches before they happen and protect sensitive data.


We enable proactive analysis of the data flowing into and out of your business to ensure compliance with regulations including GDPR and CCPA.


By combining contextual machine learning with encryption and reporting technology, we protect you against email data breaches.

Rated 4.5 out of 5 by G2 Crowd Read our reviews

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