Employee spotlights

Meet some of our team, who sat down to share their experiences of working at Egress.

Product Manager - Munn-Tzin Bong

As a Product Manager based in our London office, Munn-Tzin Bong talks about her experience and growth at Egress. She shares her enthusiasm for the culture within the company and tells us why she loves her job!

Software Developer - Darryl Anderson

Darryl Anderson talks about his experience as a Software Developer at Egress. He tells us about his growth and development within the London office over the past 5 years and what he feels makes his position unique and fun everyday.

VP of Solutions Engineering - James Hinks

James Hinks started at Egress in London over 8 years ago, and has worked his way up through the company from a Pre-sales Engineer to becoming the VP of Solutions Engineering. Listen to what he does and what he enjoys most about working at Egress.

Senior Account Executive - Emily Sutton

Emily Sutton has been with Egress for four years now. Not afraid of any challenges, she has taken on different roles and opportunities within Egress. Here she talks about her experience as an Account Executive at Egress and tells us why she loves her job!

Senior Account Executive - Will Renwick

Meet Will Renwick, a Senior Account Executive here at Egress for just over a year, and in that year his smile has never faltered. Hear what Will loves about his job and what opportunities he has experienced at Egress so far.

Director of Security and Compliance - Richard Green

Our Director of Security and Compliance, Richard Green, has built out his career at Egress in the past 6 and a half years. Bringing in invaluable information and accreditations to make sure the company operates at the highest standards of security and compliance. Listen to what Richard enjoys most at Egress.