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Introducing Switch Threat Protection

by Egress
Published on 6th Oct 2017

Every organization has experienced it. An employee sends an email containing sensitive data to the wrong person and the organization panics as they try to avoid a serious data breach, even though they’ve completely lost control over who has access to that data. Perhaps Outlook incorrectly autocompleted the name of the recipient when the user typed it in the address field. Or maybe an employee sent out a mass email such as a newsletter, but added the dozens or hundreds of recipients to the To or Cc fields rather than Bcc. Real-world examples of this type of accidental send demonstrate the serious fines, legal issues and reputational damage involved when an organization breaches citizen privacy in this way.

The fat finger problem

Previously, organizations would desperately scramble to mitigate the reputational damage and potential fines involved, or convince the inadvertent recipient to delete the email without reading it. However, there was no real way to prevent data loss through this accidental sending of emails to the wrong people. Often known as the ‘fat finger’ problem, where users mistype recipient addresses or accidentally choose the wrong person from a list, the threat posed by the people inside a business represents a serious challenge to organizations looking to prevent data breaches and maintain compliance. 

Enter Egress Prevent, the new solution from Egress Software Technologies.

Stop sending emails to the wrong people

By using machine learning and big data analysis to learn from usage patterns and historic email interactions, Egress Prevent alerts users when they are sending an email to potentially the wrong person, preventing the release of sensitive content before it happens. At a time when data breaches are becoming much more prevalent and organizations are struggling to mitigate the risks caused by unpredictable user behaviour, it couldn’t have arrived at a more crucial point.

Egress Prevent learns from regular email usage patterns and alerts users when they attempt to do something unexpected, whether it’s sending sensitive content to an external domain or adding the wrong person to a group email thread. An intuitive, user-friendly interface engages users when they are about to make a mistake, and helps them make the right decisions to avoid a data breach.

Integrated security against the insider threat

Coupling this ground-breaking new technology with our existing email encryption solution, organizations get multiple layers of protection. Use Egress Prevent to ensure you’re sending to the correct person, and use Egress Protect to secure emails as you send them. Plus, always have the option to pull back an email at any time, revoking access to the contents completely, in real time.

Egress Prevent integrates with any existing email platform, such as Exchange, Office 365 and Google G Suite, and is available to all new and existing Egress users. For people looking to defend against the most intractable threat to data security, it is a vital new addition to the Egress data protection arsenal.