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New report: Get the latest intelligence on emerging threats

Download our latest report for up-to-date threat intelligence on emerging threats targeting your users.
by Egress
Published on 30th May 2022

Keeping pace with emerging threats: Summer 2022 roundup is the most recent report from our Threat Intelligence team. They’ve detailed four threats uncovered through monitoring our B2B platform that have been targeting users across the US and UK:

  • Sextortion emails attempting to extort people for ransoms
  • Cryptocurrency scams exploiting Ukrainian donation appeals
  • LinkedIn impersonation emails targeting job hunters
  • Three zero-day exploits circulating on the dark web

What you’ll learn

We’ll run you through the tactics cybercriminals are using in these emerging phishing attacks our threat intelligence team have uncovered, plus share real screenshots of thwarted attacks to show you the warning signs to watch out for.

On top of sharing the warning signs, Egress VP of Threat Intelligence Jack Chapman offers his analysis and advice on helping people to avoid these attacks, which you can share with your employees and customers to keep them and your organization safe.

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