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Fighting phishing report launch

Published on 2nd Mar 2022
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New report! Fighting phishing: The IT leader’s view

Our findings show 84% of organizations were victims of phishing last year – a 15% increase from our 2021 ‘The real and rising risk of phishing’ report. The scale of the problem is obvious. So what are organizations doing about it? We’ve surveyed 500 IT leaders to bring you answers.

Fighting phishing: The IT leader’s view gives an insight into organizations’ experiences over the past year. It details the main attacks they’ve seen hit their organizations and where they’ve found weak spots to be. The report also includes first-hand quotes to give you an understanding of how phishing is directly impacting your peers across a variety of industries.

What you’ll learn in the report

This year’s survey describes the phishing attacks IT leaders are seeing the most: including insights into ransomware, business email compromise (BEC), and payment scams. They’ve also shared details of how they’re responding to phishing threats and where current priorities lie.  

We’ve revealed the percentage of businesses that have taken out cyber insurance, invested in forensic investigation, and retained legal counsel in response to phishing. In addition, you’ll learn about IT leaders’ frustrations with their secure email gateways, and how they use training in the fight against phishing.

You’ll also get exclusive insight, including:

  • First-hand responses from IT leaders on their personal experiences
  • Expert analysis from Egress VP of Threat Intelligence Jack Chapman

Jack Chapman, Egress VP of Threat Intelligence, talks through some key results from the Fighting Phishing report and what they mean for organizations.

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