Are you ready for submitting your HIPAA breach reports to HHS? We’re just passed the March 1st Deadline

Mark Bower | 5th Apr 2019

Any small US healthcare organisation that’s suffered a breach in 2018 had to notify HHS by March 1st 2019, which just rolled past

That’s many impacted entities when we look at the HHS statistics and public reports, with a surprising number from simple email mistakes. A compliance review may result and organisations need to be ready to prove they are remedying identified risks in 2019.

Small organisations face the same or greater risk challenges as large healthcare providers when it comes to sharing data, and a recent article highlighted that without effective secure communications to share reports, engage patients, and clinical lab data can lead to serious consequences to patient care. Patient data is a common point of attack too, given its fraud potential in the wrong hands. The risk of phishing, not encrypting, sending to wrong recipients or breaches from third-party providers can result in increased unwanted scrutiny, remediation and brand impact – but most of all, patient risk.

Egress helps healthcare organisations, especially smaller budget-conscious organisations, with new ways to address HIPAA compliance and emerging state privacy mandates. With solutions proven in large healthcare networks like HCA and regional specialists like Raleigh Neurology (PDF) and Epiphany Healthcare, Egress can help meet your 2019 HIPAA goals and close gaps in your risk strategy, patient data handling and cut compliance costs through:

  • Quickly and securely sharing large files with HIPAA-regulated data with ease of use second to none – patient data, lab data, clinical data sets can be secured end to end without traditional limits or complexity.
  • Detect and eliminate email sending mistakes before they happen to protect employees from errors that can cost them their job – and your reputation – in handling regulated data
  • Smooth out the recipient process – avoid having to jump through hoops to shared securely, with Egress’ friction-free approach
  • Reduce phishing risks for spear phishing attacks now emerging as a top threat
  • Secure email and file sharing both inside and outside the business – even to patients, partners, and providers – reduce insider risks, as well as outsides.
  • Comply with HIPAA and new state privacy regulations in just days – with automation of compliance 
  • Empower employees to focus on patient care and business efficiency – not worry about compliance and risk headaches
  • Covered under HIPAA BAA agreements 

If you’re interested, drop a note to to find out more – we’re here to help you with your patient data risk mitigation.