Thought Leadership

Founding and scaling a business during a financial recession

by Rebecca Bailey
Published on 16th Jun 2020

Today, Egress is a fast-growth scale-up business with over 250 employees located in global offices.

Yet the company had an interesting and unconventional start to life. 

Egress was founded in 2007 by CEO Tony Pepper and CTO Neil Larkins - shortly before the 2007/08 credit crunch and the Great Recession of 2009. 

As economic markets react to the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, I interviewed Tony and Neil to discuss their experiences of growing a start-up during a recession, and understand how Egress is positioned to weather the potential storms ahead. Tony and Neil also shared insights into how their partnership helped them develop a successful business, and offered advice to other leaders who find themselves in similar positions when starting and growing their own companies. 

Watch our interview to find out more!