Egress Risk Insight: our cybersecurity consultancy service

Egress | 24th Apr 2019

We recently talked about why we take a people-centric approach to data security. To follow up, let’s look at what else we’re doing to help organisations protect data and manage people risk.

As a data security technology company, we’ve spent over a decade helping businesses working within highly regulated environments to navigate complex information security requirements.

As well as innovative tech, this deep well of experience delivering risk mitigation and data protection strategies means we can offer effective cybersecurity consultancy services.

We call it Egress Risk Insight.

Cybersecurity consultancy services delivered efficiently and intelligently

Risk Insight helps businesses identify data sharing exposure and recommends targeted solutions to address risks. It’s a lean methodology for delivering practical advice and focused analysis while mapping an interactive picture of data sharing habits. The resulting visualisation allows you to assess “what-if” scenarios and make informed decisions around your information security requirements.

Step one: We interview business and security leaders to understand their risk profile when sharing information.

Step two: We meet with different departments to understand operational activities in which information is shared both internally and externally. This can be through an online survey instead of face-to-face meetings, or a mix of both formats.

This two-stage approach, mapping risk appetite to the reality of how employees share data, helps uncover hidden risks. After all, it’s not just about data flows, it’s about your corporate culture and how your people choose to protect sensitive data, if they protect it at all.

While other professional services audits take a long time and are potentially disruptive to the business, Risk Insight is different. The short timescales and fast turnaround mean you gain actionable insight without disrupting normal working processes.

Data security risk management for the enterprise

After the analysis is complete, we don’t provide a generic, one-size-fits-all report, just practical advice that’s tailored to your specific working habits and risk appetite.

As well as use of the interactive flow map that you can query and explore to understand data flows and hidden risks, we deliver a series of phased recommendations about how best to address any issues found. The key benefit here is that we can show visually the benefit of implement these recommendations: demonstrable risk reduction in target areas.

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