Stop more advanced phishing attacks

AI-powered behavioral-based detection that uses zero-trust and pre-generative modeling to deliver the highest efficacy

The only cloud email security platform to use an adaptive security model

By combining actionable intelligence with an adaptive security model, we prepare our customers to defend against attacks and breaches before they happen

Detect and prevent abnormal human behavior on email

Contextual machine learning that leverages social graph and pretrained deep neural networks to detect human error and data exfiltration

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The only cloud email security platform to use an adaptive security model

As advanced persistent threats continue to evolve, we recognize that people are the biggest risk to organizations’ security and are most vulnerable when using email. 

Egress is the only cloud email security platform to continuously assess human risk and dynamically adapt policy controls, preparing customers to defend against advanced phishing attacks and outbound data breaches before they happen. Leveraging contextual machine learning and neural networks, with seamless integration using cloud-native API architecture, Egress provides enhanced email protection, deep visibility into human risk, and instant time to value. 

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"One of the best tools our organization has in place to keep our environment secure."

IT leader in the Banking industry

May 24, 2023

"Excellent DLP solution prevents mistakes and helps users follow policy and procedures."

Chief Technology Officer in the Finance (non-Banking) industry

Sep 02, 2022

"The overall experience with Egress has been exceptional, from the initial pilot phases through to implementation, we were supported throughout."

Director in the IT Services industry

Oct 19, 2022

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We selected Egress Defend and Egress Prevent as added security layers in our Microsoft 365 environment to ensure we are minimizing our risk profile.

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