The hack

Meet Peter

Peter’s new. He’s been here three days, and can just about remember everyone’s name.

The HR manager told Peter to look out for an email to view his payslips online.


Peter receives an email to access his online account


Clicks links and enters credentials


Cybercriminal harvests credentials


Account takeover

The impact

  • Total cost: $8.6m
  • Top five clients churn
  • Brand reputation is severely damaged

Once in, the cybercriminals move fast. By 11:10, a spoofed phishing email has been sent to 3,000 customers of Peter’s new company. By 11:20, the company’s help desk start receiving calls from concerned client. The CISO is informed of the hack, and the Risk and Compliance teams begin the investigation and clean-up operation. Peter is made aware of his mistake. The hack hits the headlines two days later…

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