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Cybersecurity risk management for targeted remediation.

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Cybersecurity risk management and information security consulting

As the amount of unstructured data within organizations surges to an all-time high, security teams increasingly struggle to monitor information flows. And with stringent data privacy laws coming into effect globally, the increased risk of accidental or intentional data leakage can lead to non-compliance with these regulations, and the associated serious financial impacts and reputational damage.

Egress Risk Insight overcomes the complexities of understanding organizational data flows to provide practical and focused expert advice that minimizes the risk of a security breach, safeguards regulatory compliance, and delivers tangible ROI.

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Taking the risk out of enterprise data security

Our process is designed to uncover previously unknown risks, and present you with the most effective risk reduction strategies and targeted solutions in response. 

Egress cybersecurity consultants deploy a proven methodology, applying 'what if' scenarios and mapping out far-reaching information flows in order to identify and address enterprise data risk. We also take into account your organization's attitude to risk, tailoring our process to your data security policies. 

Our Risk Insight methodology focuses as much on understanding the risk people pose to sensitive data as it does on the actual data being shared.

We interview department leaders and everyday business users in order to rapidly build a complete risk assessment without disrupting business workflows. Our process is designed to inspect the data they share with external stakeholders, as well as that shared within your organiation. 

We provide a bespoke and interactive map of information flows that displays data sharing practices across your organization, so that you can pinpoint risks and answer questions in real time.

In addition, we also offer a series of phased recommendations on how best to address the risks we've discovered, with insight into which specific business units need to be prioritized. We also use our interactive map to immediately demonstrate the effectiveness of implementing this advice. 

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