Thought leadership

Defining 'human layer security'

by Tony Pepper
Published on 22nd Jul 2020

Is your organisation doing enough to stop the risk of data breaches caused by its own people?

With more email communication than ever before (and therefore more sensitive data that needs to be kept secure), the risk of data loss is at an all-time high. As a result, the simple misdirected email is for many organisations the number one security vulnerability. Technology is always changing to meet this threat, so it’s vital to make sure you’re not putting yourself at risk with legacy email security software.

As Egress’ CEO Tony Pepper explains, it is no longer good enough to rely on static, rule-based solutions like DLP to prevent these types of data breaches. Drawing on his decades of experience working with customers across government and enterprise, Tony outlines why these legacy approaches to data loss are no longer effective. He explains why using Human Layer Security, which combines traditional security solutions with contextual machine learning, can proactively prevent breaches.

Human layer security wraps a protective layer around your organisation’s people to stop the risk of data loss. By working against breaches caused both accidentally and intentionally, it helps you have total confidence in the security of your email system.

In this interview, Tony shares his knowledge of human layer security with security leader and former CISO Dan Lohrmann. Watch the video to discover key insights about how your organisation could minimise the risk of data breaches through email.