Egress for Emergency Services

Improve data sharing with citizens and third parties

Our secure file sharing and collaboration platform is used by emergency services to receive and share sensitive data, including multimedia files, reducing response time and costs, and increasing efficiency.

We provide a simple and secure way for citizens to submit information and files, and then enable authorised personnel to access and investigate these submissions. We also empower staff to quickly and securely share data internally and with approved external agencies. 

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Why Egress? An out-of-the-box solution for efficient file sharing.

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Streamline citizens’ submissions

A simple, customisable interface enables citizens to easily submit the correct information, including multimedia files.

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Reduce time to investigate

Accurate data collection and instant data sharing enables staff to work more efficiently.

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Protect sensitive data and chain of custody

Encrypted electronic data sharing provides the best security for sensitive data and eliminates reliance on physical delivery.

Delivering real customer value for our customers

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Dashcam reporting

We are the technology partner of choice for dashcam reporting projects across the country, including the pioneers of this solution: Operation SNAP.

Using Egress, citizens can submit video footage taken by dashcams and mobile device directly to local police, reducing the time and cost overheads required for officers to investigate incidents of dangerous driving.

  • Reduce investigation time from approximately 15 hours to 20 minutes
  • Reduce time taken to submit information from an average of 90 minutes to 10 minutes
  • Reduce road fatalities by up to 40%
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CCTV reporting

We provide police sevices throughout the UK with a simplified process for receiving and reviewing CCTV footage from business owners and individual citizens.

Our out-of-the-box form can be used to securely report incidents and submit CCTV files, with data stored in our collaboration platform for review by authorised personnel. This removes the need for police officers to personally collect initial information and files, freeing resources for neighbourhood policing. 

  • Reduce cost to collect CCTV footage
  • Conversion of CCTV files reduces time to review
  • Increase speed of investigation

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