Egress for Healthcare

Protect patients’ sensitive data

We make it easy for busy healthcare professionals to protect PHI and care plans, without creating friction.

Our platform makes sure PHI is only shared with the correct recipient, encrypts confidential data and enables detailed compliance reporting. We’re never limited by file size and provide seamless access on mobile devices, meaning your employees can share what they need to, when they need to.

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Our healthcare customers include

Why Egress? Intelligent human layer security that protects PHI

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Comply with HIPAA

We encrypt and control PHI data shared by email, with detailed auditing for administrators.

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Prevent data breaches

We use contextual machine learning to stop misdirected emails and to automate data security relative to real-time risk.

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Easy for third parties

We’ve streamlined the way users access emails to give you the highest assurance with minimal friction for them.

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HIPAA-compliant email security

We help healthcare organizations share PHI securely to protect patient data and comply with HIPAA.

Egress Intelligent Email Security is built on powerful contextual machine learning and encryption technologies that detect when data breaches are about to occur, preventing misdirected emails and automating security. We also empower administrators to detect risk in the corporate email network through detailed compliance reporting.

  • Prevent email data breaches
  • Encrypt PHI for HIPAA compliance
  • Detect and analyze risk
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End-to-end security for patient data

It’s always free and easy for your third parties to use Egress to share PHI and other privileged data with your organization.

Our email encryption solution is available via free Outlook and mobile apps, and recipients’ web browsers. We’ve simplified how they access encrypted content using our Smart Authentication and shared secret technologies to minimize friction. Additionally, we also provide bespoke and secure web forms that populate email flows or other work processes for more complex or ad-hoc communication.

  • Don’t pay more for recipient access
  • Minimize friction using our intelligent technology
  • Protect and track all PHI entering your organization

What our customers say

”Control and auditing functionality ensures we remain compliant.”

Spire Healthcare

”Without Egress we would have had to buy at least five different security systems.”

HCA Healthcare

”Egress Protect provides our staff with easy-to-use email security for patient data.”

Healthcare RM

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