• Want to Share Information?

Switch can help and the steps to getting started are simple. Delivered as a Software Service, we provide all your infrastructure so that you don't need to worry about setting up or configuring any complicated servers.

1. Download the free Switch Client and install it on your PC
2. Using the Client, sign-up for a Switch Account and confirm your email address.
3. Create, Share and Manage secure Switch packages from your desktop or a browser.

Because Switch is delivered as a Software Service you will need to sign-up for a subscription once your trial credits have been used up.

  • Need to access a Switch Package?

Accessing Switch packages could not be easier. Switch Secure Emails usually contain a link for you to read the email online. Otherwise, install our software and open the package once you have created a Switch account. It's really that simple!

Download our Software
  • Examples include:
    • Receiving a secure email for the first time using Switch Web Access
    • How to send an encrypted email and large files using Microsoft Outlook
    • Revoking access to an Egress Switch package using Sent Packages
    • How to purchase Egress Switch online
    • How to view audit events centrally
    • How to track encrypted information in real-time
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