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White papers

With the alarming increase of data breaches due to companies not securely holding customer information, it has never been a more crucial time to be smart with data security. With our whitepapers, we cover the important topics of data security and how to prevent a data breach. Detailed information and answers can be found in our industry documentation including how to be compliant with the EU GDPR, how to handle sensitive data, email encryption services and data protection measures.

To download one of our papers, please click on the white paper you desire and provide your information for a complimentary copy.

Osterman Research: Why your company needs third-party solutions for Office 365

Streamlining GDPR subject access requests with the Egress platform

Protecting the insider threat: Preventing the accidental send

Email and file archiving: Data security compliance requirements

Common email fails: Protecting against the insider threat

Prepare for the EU GDPR and prevent data breaches

The digital courtroom: Sharing court bundles electronically

EU GDPR compliance guide for healthcare organisations

Preparing financial organisations for the EU GDPR

Improving data protection for police handling digital media files

Secure email messaging in Office 365

Securing the law firm

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