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Stop sending emails to the wrong person. Risk-based Protection analyses email recipients and content to understand whether employees are sharing information correctly and prevent them from sending emails to the wrong people.

Machine learning that prevents misdirected emails. Risk-based Protection determines what normal behaviour looks like for individual employees, and alerts them when they might be about to make a mistake and misdirect an email.

Email the correct content every time. Misdirected emails not only cause data breaches but inefficiency as well. Risk-based Protection uses pattern matching technology to check email recipients against the content in an email’s body and attachments, preventing employees from emailing the wrong people.

Alert administrators to email data breaches. Whether one employee frequently misdirects emails or another tries to exfiltrate information, Risk-based Protection alerts administrators to unusual behaviour.

Reduce the risk of a data breach. Risk-based Protection automatically applies email security relative to the actual risk of a data breach, protecting data as it is sent through insecure channels and accessed on unknown devices.

Apply the right level of email security, every time. Risk-based Protection dynamically applies the right level of security to emails by inspecting attributes such as the sender’s behaviour, the recipients’ domain and behaviour, and the sensitivity of the content being shared.

Increase adoption for email security tools. Risk-based Protection is vendor agnostic, so it makes sure your email security technology is used correctly regardless of whether it’s Egress Secure Email and File Transfer, TLS or another third-party supplier, such as Office 365 encryption.

Comply with security legislation. Enhancing your email security with Risk-based Protection can help you to prove compliance with data protection regulations, such as GDPR.


Enhance email security in O365 and G Suite. Integration with all popular email clients makes it easy for users to send and receive information securely.

Encrypt email and classify content. Egress Risk-based Protection works alongside Egress Secure Email and File Transfer to offer email encryption, as well as to classify emails and attachments.

Engage your users. A simple interface and intuitive controls help people share with the right recipients, no user training required.

Meet compliance requirements. Designed for GDPR compliance, Risk-based Protection includes customisable policies for comprehensive email risk management.


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