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Intelligent email security for real-world risks. Risk-based protection uses machine learning to determine the actual risk of a data breach as information is shared over untrusted networks to (potentially) untrusted recipients. 

Ensure the right protection is applied. By coupling risk factors with the sensitivity of the data being shared, Risk-based Protection ensures the appropriate type and level of protection is applied. 

Stop emails being sent to the wrong people. Avoid that sinking feeling of accidentally sending an email to the wrong recipient.

Fix data breaches before they happen. Manage the risk of accidentally sending sensitive content to the wrong people and protect sensitive business data.

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Improve compliance with data protection regulations. Protecting information in line with the actual risk of a data breach and prevent accidental data leakages. 

Enhance security awareness and user engagement. Real-time feedback within Outlook helps users understand the risk to sensitive information and when encryption is required. 

Increase usage of third-party encryption tools. Dynamically apply appropriate protection, including Egress Email Encryption, TLS and other third-party tools such as Microsoft O365 OME. 

Proven ROI for security investments. Quantifiably prove compliance with data protection regulations and usage of email security tools for measurable ROI on investments. 

Auto-encrypt emails to other Egress customers. Increase security without compromising on usability. 


Total integration into 365 and G Suite. Make it easy for users to send email safely while giving admins a view of potentially malicious intent.

Encrypt email and classify content. Egress Risk-based Protection works alongside Egress Email Encryption to offer email encryption and to classify emails and attachments.

Engage your users. A simple interface and intuitive controls help people share with the right recipients, no user training required.

Meet compliance requirements. Designed for GDPR and DPA compliance, Risk-based Protection includes customisable policies for comprehensive email risk management.


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