Secure emails with one-click. Full integration with Microsoft Outlook and Office 365 helps you secure and share data easily.

Send large files securely. Bypass file size restrictions to send encrypted large files, with total control over who has access.

Revoke access to emails. Stop further access to content you’ve sent. Prevent data breaches, fix mistakes and control your data at all times.

Recipients use for free. Never worry about whether recipients can access encrypted emails.

Protect data however you need to. Encrypt emails and attachments in transit and at rest, and add multi-factor authentication and policy controls for additional security. Encrypt both at the desktop or the email gateway, and control access to messages in shared mailboxes.

Prevent download and copy/paste. Control how recipients can use your shared data, revoking access or changing access permissions in real-time. Add watermarks and restrict printing to keep documents in your control.

Audit data sharing and view access reports. Get full visibility over who is sharing sensitive data and who has access. Protect your data and maintain regulatory compliance.

Customise email security policies and automation. Prompt or enforce encryption when a user tries to send sensitive data, or encrypt automatically based on the recipient and any keywords.

Secure email on-premise, hybrid or in the cloud. Host Egress in locations of your choice or use hybrid email security for the best of both worlds.

Complete control over user management. Enable single-sign-on, organise internal and external users into groups with specific access permissions, and monitor activity with audit logs and user reports.

Send secure emails from any device. Send encrypted emails from any device via the Egress web portal, or use our range of mobile apps for secure data transfer when on the road.

Assurance through certifications. Be confident in your data security with ISO27001 accreditation for the Egress platform and all hosting locations. Egress is also the only email security solution with Commercial Product Assurance accreditation from the UK National Cyber Security Centre.

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