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Workspace 600X400 42Kb

Secure Workspace app is now available!

Secure Workspace helps you securely share files internally and with your supply chain.

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Analytics 600X400 41Kb

Prevent Analytics user experience update

Prevent Analytics user experience update newsletter

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Typing Email 600X400 35kb

Introducing Switch Threat Protection

An employee sends an email containing sensitive data to the wrong person and the organisation panics as they try to avoid a serious data breach, even though they’ve completely lost control over who has access to that data.

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email dlp laptop phone 600x400 24kb

Email analysis software

Automatically analyse email content to prevent accidental data breaches

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Leader 600X400 11Kb

Egress Analytics: showcasing the value of security leaders

Discover the benefits Egress Analytics brings to security teams.

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Secure Workspace now supports Microsoft Office Online

Online securely within Egress Secure Workspace, enjoying all the document creation and productivity tools you find in desktop versions of Office, alongside the powerful security and intelligence within the Secure Workspace ecosystem.

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Broken Vulnerability 600X400 38Kb

Potential impact of CVE-2021-44228 Apache Log4j vulnerability on Egress products and systems

On Friday, December 10th, 2021, Egress was made aware of the Apache Log4j critical vulnerability (CVS-2021-44228)

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