Customer stories

Read about the worldwide businesses that trust Egress Software to secure their data and collaborate efficiently.

Morgan Hunt
Morgan Hunt 

Recruitment firm Morgan Hunt uses Egress Protect, Prevent, and Defend to reduce IT burden, boost email security.

Rossendale Logo 365X195
Rossendale Borough Council 

Egress helps Rossendale Borough Council keep sensitive information secure while facilitating flexible access, which Rossendale firmly believe saved lives during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Combilift Customer Story Logo

Combilift, the world’s largest manufacturer of multidirectional forklifts, use Egress Defend to protect their expanding workforce from email threats.

Nspcc Logo

NSPCC keeps confidential, time-sensitive client information secure yet accessible.

Muckle Logo

Muckle protects sensitive legal client information with their email security approach

Crawford And Co Logo
Crawford & Company 

Crawford selects Egress Defend and Prevent to enhance Microsoft 365 email security.

Royds Withy King Logo
Royds Withy King 

Preserving client confidentiality at Royds Withy King with Egress Intelligent Email Security

BDO Jersey logo
BDO Jersey 

BDO Jersey enhances client services and data protection with Egress Intelligent Email Security.

Crowe UK logo
Crowe UK 

Egress Secure Workspace – a file sharing platform Crowe UK can trust.

HCA Healthcare New Logo
Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) 

The world’s largest private healthcare provider, HCA, adopts Egress to secure patient information.

Operation Snap Case Study Logo 400X211
Operation SNAP 

Early intervention enabled by Egress aim to help Welsh Police reduce fatalities on the roads by 40%.

Spire Healthcare Logo
Spire Healthcare 

Spire Healthcare selects Egress to protect information shared with external third parties and maintain data compliance.

Simply Business Case Studies
Simply Business 

Simply secure: UK insurance broker Simply Business enhances data protection with Egress.

Think Money Group Logo
Think Money Group 

Fast-growing financial services provider selects award-winning email and file encryption solution to secure data shared with external organisations.

Camdenlogo 170X110
London borough of Camden 

Secure communication Camden-style – Computing Magazine talk to Camden Council about secure information sharing using Egress Protect.

Wardhadawaylogo 170X110
Ward Hadaway 

Top 100 law firm Ward Hadaway selects Egress to provide firm-wide secure encryption standards and complete confidentiality when sharing client information

National Archives Case Study Logo 400X211
The National Archives 

The National Archives improves Freedom of Information (FOI) response efficiency using Egress Secure Workspace.

London Councils Logo
London Councils 

London Councils selects Egress Secure Web Form to protect confidential information exchanged between education providers and local authorities.

London Fire Brigade Logo
London Fire Brigade 

London Fire Brigade secures confidential information and protects itself from potential liability using Egress encryption.

Marie Curie Cancer Care Logo
Marie Curie Cancer Care 

UK charity Marie Curie selects government-certified encryption service Egress Protect to share sensitive information securely.

Midlothian Council Logo
Midlothian Council 

Midlothian Council selects Egress to secure sensitive information shared with third parties.

Morris Owen Logo
Morris Owen 

Morris Owen has selected Egress to protect and control information shared between the firm and its clients.

North Yorkshire County Council Logo
North Yorkshire County Council 

North Yorkshire County Council replaces existing email encryption solution with Egress to simplify data sharing.

Quality Foster Care Logo
Quality Foster Care 

Quality Foster Care selects Egress to protect highly sensitive case information shared electronically with third parties.

Scottish Fire Rescue Services Logo
Scottish Fire & Rescue Services 

Scotland’s sole fire and rescue services provider selects Egress to secure and enhance communication with external partners.

State Of Delaware Logo
State of Delaware 

US State of Delaware selects Egress to replace Cisco IronPort email encryption.

Victim Support Logo
Victim Support 

Victim Support provides staff with ‘e-safety net’ using Egress encryption services.

Croydoncclogo 170X110
London Borough of Croydon 

The London Borough of Croydon secures confidential information shared with external third parties using award-winning email and file encryption solution.

Ladbrokeslogo 170X110

Ladbrokes takes a platform approach to securing confidential customer data and commercially sensitive information using the Egress platform.

Holmdenehousinglogo 170X110
Holmdene Housing 

Holmdene Housing uses Egress Protect to be able to apply the appropriate levels of protection to the sensitive data it needs to share electronically with local authorities and other external organisations.

Guyssttnhslogo 170X110
Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust 

Guy’s and St Thomas’ NHS Foundation Trust adopts Egress to protect confidential patient information and large files exchanged with third parties.

Guildfordlogo 170X110
Guildford Borough Council 

Guildford Borough Council invests in Egress Protect to ensure security of confidential information when shared across the organisation and with external parties.

Ghdlogo 170X110

Good Hair Days (ghd) uses Egress Protect to securely share sensitive documents, including legal contracts and patented product innovations.

Gardnerslanelogo 170X110
Gardners Lane and Oakwood Federation 

Children’s services provider, Gardners Lane and Oakwood Federation selects Egress to secure confidential information shared with external third parties.

Flintshirecclogo 170X110
Flintshire County Council 

Flintshire County Council uses Egress solutions as part of a single platform for secure information sharing across Wales.

Familylawlogo 170X110
Family Law Company 

The Family Law Company by Hartnell Chanot selects Egress to secure confidential information shared with external third parties.

Derbycclogo 170X110
Derby City Council 

Derby City Council embraces email and file encryption to achieve regulatory compliance and substantial operational cost savings.

Coreassetslogo 170X110
Core Assets 

International fostering agency keeps vulnerable children’s data safe from harm using Egress Protect.

Civilaviationlogo 170X110
Civil Aviation Authority 

The Civil Aviation Authority uses Egress Protect to enhance the security of email communications.

Certaslogo 170X110
Certas Energy 

Certas Energy protects sensitive information from data breach using Egress.

Cafcass Logo 170X110

Cafcass takes no chances with child data by encrypting sensitive emails using Egress.

Blakemorganlogo 170X110
Blake Morgan 

Blake Morgan LLP selects Egress Protect to secure confidential client information and meet regulatory compliance.

Trusaic Logo (1)

Intelligent care: Trusaic protects client data with Egress Prevent.

Torbaycclogo 170X110
Torbay Council 

Torbay Council selects market-leading email and file encryption software to protect citizens’ confidential data.

Guildfordlogo 170X110
Guildford Borough Council 

Guildford Borough Council invests in Egress Protect to ensure security of confidential information when shared across the organisation and with external parties.

Raleigh Neurology Case Study Logo 400X211
Raleigh Neurology 

Egress enhances Raleigh Neurology Associates’ service toolkit with secure email communications.

Thomsonsnelllogo 170X110
Thomson Snell & Passmore 

Law firm Thomson Snell & Passmore selects Egress to provide email encryption and enhanced operational efficiency.

Perthkinrosslogo 170X110
Perth Kinross 

Perth and Kinross Council selects Egress Protect to ensure sensitive information is communicated securely.

Invicta Law Logo 170X110
Invicta Law 

Invicta Law saves a bundle with secure electronic delivery of court documentation.

Healthcare Rmcase Study Logo 400X211
Healthcare RM 

Compliance-based email archiving is just what the doctor ordered for Healthcare RM.

Martins Point Case Study Logo 400X211
Martin’s Point Health Care 

Egress simplifies and secures email communications at Martin’s Point Health Care.

Epiphany Case Study Logo 400X240 2
Epiphany Healthcare 

Egress gets an A+ for helping Epiphany Healthcare get a clean and secure bill of health.

Uniwestminsterlogo 170X110
University of Westminster 

The University of Westminster selects Egress encryption services to communicate confidential student and employee data securely.

Peabodylogo 170X110

Peabody improves data protection and collaboration with Egress Secure Workspace.

Clchnhslogo 170X110
Central London Community Healthcare NHS Trust 

NHS Trust uses Egress to share sensitive information securely and to remain compliant with UK data protection legislation.

Jacobian Logo Border
Jacobian Engineering 

Jacobian Engineering operates its business with Egress Protect.

Bernicia Homes 358X232

Securing Bernicia’s sensitive communications with Egress.

Xcellogo 170X110
Xcel 2000 

Fostering provider Xcel 2000 implements File & Email Encryption using Egress.

Farm Credit Case Study Logo 400X211
Farm Credit Mid-America 

Egress Email and File Protection is cream of the crop for Farm Credit Mid-America.

Funeral Conference Case Study Logo 400X211
The International Conference of Funeral Service Examining Boards 

The International Conference of Funeral Service Examining Boards upgrades their member service experience with Egress.