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Simple and secure file sharing that keeps data safe

Legacy physical approaches to managing data no longer work, causing service delays and inefficiencies that will frustrate your customers and cost your organisation a lot of time and money. On top of that, hybrid working has created an explosion in employees bypassing complex data sharing protocols in favour of free, less secure file sharing tools that put your sensitive data at risk.

Secure Workspace enables organisations to easily and securely share their most confidential data both internally and with their supply chain, meaning you keep sensitive data safe without harming productivity.

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How Secure Workspace helps

Avoid the regulatory after-effects of a data leak with accredited encryption along with robust controls and permissions that protect sensitive information from unauthorised access.

How we do it

Comprehensive user permissions
Users can set permissions in their secure collaborative workspace for how peers and third parties interact with files, including restrictions on copying or editing, downloads, forwarding, geolocation access, and time of access.

File access revocation
We provide full recall should sensitive files be shared in error or a recipient is no longer authorised to access content.

Anti-Virus scans
The technology scans every file on upload to protect against malicious threats, while AES-256 bit encryption then keeps content safe within our environment.

Secure and flexible authentication
Administrators can select how users authenticate, with multi-factor authentication available via SMS pin or Google/Microsoft Authenticators.


Secure Workspace focuses on productivity as well as security, with simple tools and functions making it easy for users to organise content so that sensitive workflows keep moving securely and quickly.

How we do it

Secure zones
Zones make it easy for users to clearly organise content within folders, while controls and restrictions keep sensitive content safe from unauthorised access.

Workflow templates
Customisable, administrator-led workflow templates can be setup to manage user activity and restrict capabilities such as file types.

Real-time file editing
Users can edit documents in real time individually or as part of a team, with full version control for every time someone updates a file.

Seamless and secure file requests
Teammates or project partners can request access to files within the Secure Workspace environment and even specify where to upload content.

Customisable branding
Teammates Make Secure Workspace look the way you want with a configurable user interface allowing for specific brand requirements, colour schemes and logos.

Our Secure Workspace for Mobile app allows users to securely upload, organise and share multimedia with their Workspace whether connected to a network or not, meaning you benefit from optimum security while delivering critical work faster.

How we do it

Immediate upload to Secure Workspace
If there's a network available, our app instantly uploads media to the collaborative online workspace. If there’s no network, then offline queuing retains and automatically releases files as soon as connectivity is restored.

In-app file sharing
You don’t need to login to Secure Workspace on desktop to organise and share content. Users can do all of that directly within the app.

Shared device functionality

Multiple users with unique IDs can access the app on a shared device, so you won’t need one device per person – keeping hardware costs down.

Seamless integration with Secure Workspace
Users can log into Secure Workspace on desktop to review audit logs, and classify or revoke all media captured via the app in order to effectively support compliance.

Keep regulators, litigation and possible fines at bay with a detailed and feature-rich toolkit that allows you to remain compliant.

How we do it

Detailed administrator dashboards
Administrators can access an organisation-wide view of Secure Workspace, complete with usage statistics, file activity, and volume metrics.

Comprehensive audit trails
Granular audit logs track the date and time of all user and administrator activities, including opens, location, sharing, editing, and downloads.

File retention policies and recycle bin
System admins can set file retention policies that automatically delete files after a specified timeframe.


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