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Digitalise and secure your inbound data flows

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Digitalise data ingestion

Icon Webform Benefits Secure Inbound Data

Secure sensitive inbound data

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Enhance the customer experience

Digitalise inbound data flows

We support your digital transformation by removing any reliance on physical, paper-based processes that cripple productivity, and make it quick and easy for third parties to upload sensitive information to your network.

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Keep data ingestion secure

Our security frameworks, including certified encryption, granular controls and AV checks, guarantee the safety of confidential information as it enters your network and mean you never need to worry about data getting into the wrong hands.

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Securely store sensitive data

Egress Secure Web Form seamlessly plugs into Egress Secure Workspace, meaning you can not only ingest but also securely store, manage, and control classified data flows in a quick and easy way.

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"Secure Web Form and Secure Workspace ticked all the boxes. They offer more functionality than we thought we'd be able to achieve and the encryption control and auditing measures mean we're confident anything uploaded is protected and compliant with out data management requirements." Teresa Ciano, Operation Snap

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