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What We Offer

Egress Switch products are fully integrated with Microsoft Office

Egress helps enterprises protect unstructured data to meet compliance requirements and drive business productivity. The company’s AI-powered platform enables users to control and secure the data they share.

Trusted by enterprise organisations and governments around the globe, the Egress platform provides email and document classification, accidental send prevention, email encryption, secure online collaboration and audit and compliance reporting.



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Factors such as modern working practices, digital transformation and migration to the cloud have resulted in over 80% of enterprise data being considered ‘unstructured’, including information within emails, folders and files. To date, organisations have struggled to classify, control and track this data as it is stored and shared across users and boundaries, often leading to breaches caused by human error at a time of increased pressure from regulatory requirements. To solve the problem, the Egress platform thinks differently, putting the user in the centre of a suite of data security tools driven by intelligent, self-learning software.

A data security platform

Egress automates data classification to help users understand who should be accessing that data, and it stops breaches by intervening before users accidentally share with the wrong recipient. The platform also provides enhanced discovery and reporting functionality for ongoing compliance.

Egress also enhances data security and privacy when unstructured data is shared, by encrypting it in transit. Whether data is emailed or worked on collaboratively, the user and their organisation remain in control of how recipients access and interact with sensitive information, supported by automation and intelligence. User engagement and machine learning also drives usage and efficiency, offering bespoke advice and ensuring security, such as message-level encryption, is applied effectively, every time.


Business impacts

As well as improving security, the Egress platform enables organisations to achieve cost and operational efficiency. Significant benefits can be seen from digitising processes such as postal and courier services, while machine learning and intelligence can help users make educated choices over who to include in their communications. Egress also helps organisations to securely take advantage of the increased flexibility and reduced costs provide by cloud environments, including Office 365. Email content and attachments can be encrypted in transit and at rest, with real-time message auditing and access revocation keeping users informed and in control. Efficient ad-hoc encrypted collaboration and user engagement tools mean unstructured data is shared securely and with the correct people. 

Egress also enables compliance with regulations like the EU GDPR, providing a finegrained view of all the data an organisation holds. Advanced data retention and disposal, efficient mechanisms for responding to data requests, detailed analytics and discovery all include the ability to search across and manage encrypted content, while auditing of all user activity and data transfer provides a complete view of organisational data processing.

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