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Stopping email data breaches: A reality for today or a task for tomorrow? 

Hear Sudeep Venkatesh, Chief Product Officer at Egress and Steve Wright, former DPO of Bank of England and John Lewis discuss why, and how, well-intentioned employees cause data breaches when using email and how machine learning can prevent breaches and improve protection for shared data.

Length: 59 minutes
Air date:
6 May 2020

The Psychology Behind Your Breaches

The psychology behind your data breaches 

Human behavior remains the greatest influencer of insider data breaches: not simply that people are liable to make mistakes, but they can react emotionally or behave unpredictably, and whatever their motivation, there’s no guarantee they will notify you of breach in a timely manner – or at all!

Length: 62 minutes
Air date:
16 April 2020


Stopping spear phishing during COVID-19 

Organizations globally are currently experiencing increased numbers of spear phishing emails, as cybercriminals try to take advantage of workplace disruption and heightened anxiety during the pandemic.

Length: 15 minutes
Air date:
15 March 2020

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