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O365 is not enough

The intelligent solution for improving security in O365

With the continued, rapid adoption of O365, many organizations are looking to overlay additional technologies to enhance protection of shared data. Find out why - download Why Your Company Needs Third-Party Solutions for Office 365 by Michael Osterman.

Egress offers easy-to-use, intelligent email security tools that prevent breaches and protect data as emails are sent from O365. This includes content analysis and anomaly detection to stop accidental and intentional data breaches, and message-level encryption and sophisticated controls to secure sensitive information.

Egress also provides granular reporting for organizations’ admins to monitor the data being shared within their email networks for compliance purposes.

Email alert for wrong email address

Prevent data breaches

Using machine learning and content analysis, Egress prevents emails and attachments being sent to the wrong people from within O365. This includes detecting when recipients have been added accidentally via Outlook autocomplete, the wrong files have been attached to an email, or content within an attachment hasn’t been redacted or removed by the sender.

This anomaly detection can also be used to detect occasions where staff may be exfiltrating information from within an organization.

Protect regulated data

Egress offers enhanced message-level encryption and control for shared data, including email recall, watermarking, and blocking actions such as forwarding emails and attachments. Egress can also enforce ethical walls and dynamically update recipient whitelists as senders’ behavior changes.

These advanced DLP features support compliance with data privacy regulations like GDPR, HIPAA and the upcoming CCPA.

Revoke email additional controls for Outlook
Outlook encryption

Make it easy

Egress’ email security tools have been designed to simplify users’ experiences. For senders, this includes dynamic prompts to tell them when emails and attachments should be encrypted. For recipients, we provide flexible authentication that makes it easier for trusted users to access content but raises appropriate barriers for untrusted users.

Comparing Egress and Microsoft Office 365 email security


Use case

Microsoft OME



Revocation of encrypted emails

  • Possible only for a subset of external recipients
  • Requires administrator intervention through PowerShell scripts
  • Provides senders with a simple browser-based interface
  • Possible for all internal and external encrypted messages


Sending encrypted emails to shared mailboxes

  • Not currently supported
  • Fully supported


Delegated access of encrypted emails

  • Not currently supported
  • Fully supported


Detailed encrypted email tracking and auditing

  • Not currently supported
  • Provides senders and administrators with a simple browser-based interface


Hybrid deployments of O365

  • Microsoft OME is not supported across hybrid employments as customers are migrating to O365
  • Fully supported. The product is largely agnostic of on premise and cloud email deployments


Flexibility in deployment architectures

  • Only supported in a 100% cloud model
  • Supports cloud, on-premise and hybrid models


Integration with existing Single Sign-On (SS) for authentication of external recipients

  • Not currently supported
  • Supported through SAML


Scanning of encrypted emails by third party DLP solutions

  • Not currently supported
  • Supported by decrypting, scanning and then re-encrypting emails
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