Transport agent for Microsoft Exchange

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Conditional email routing

Exchange environments since Microsoft Exchange 2007 have offered significant scalability and flexibility enhancements over previous versions.

  • Scalable, flexible secure email infrastructure. We’ve built a transport agent for Microsoft Exchange, helping you route emails and customise your secure email solution.
  • The way complex routing rules are implemented has changed. This now happens by creating transport agents on both hub transport and edge servers. Transport Agents are compiled DLL codes written to perform specific tasks.

Easily configurable routing and message splitting

Our transport agent is often used in conjunction with Egress Gateway but it can also do the following useful tasks:

  • Header-based routing. Route email based on header information. For example, routing mail that contains defined email X-header information to a specific location or smart host.
  • Address-based routing. Conditional email routing based on the From and/or To address.
  • Address rewriting. Rewrite the From address based on the destination domain.
  • Message splitting. Split single messages into multiple messages- based on recipient addresses- and route based on policy.
  • Add Header. Add new headers to emails, based on policy.

Highly flexible policy-based message routing

  • Arrange secure mail infrastructure to suit your organisation's data security requirements.
  • Full text-based search strings supported in email headers and attachment names.
  • Route messages based on complex policy rules via send connectors or direct SMTP connection.
  • Rewrite email headers, From addresses and other mail identifiers.
  • Supports Microsoft Exchange 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016.
  • Can be installed on hub transport or edge servers.

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