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Friday April 20th 2018 | 15:56

A guide to future proofing secure email

Secure email is the best way to keep your emails private. Not only does it ensure your emails are protected and encrypted but they safeguard anonymity.

Whilst free, cloud-based email services may offer limited security; for the majority of businesses, particularly those in highly regulated sectors like banks, government institutions, healthcare and retailers they need to be confident that the messages they send and receive are completely protected.

It’s also extremely important ahead of the new EU GDPR regulations, which come into force on the 25th May.

Neil Larkins, CTO from Egress explains the best way for businesses to secure their emails: 

Why do we need email encryption software? 

There are many reasons why businesses should consider the use of email encryption. The need to protect client data and meet regulatory compliance (particularly ahead of the new EU data protection regulations coming into force in May), are two obvious reasons, but in addition it’s about standard day-to-day practice in the workforce. You only have to look at the recent story involving Facebook and Cambridge Analytica to see how vital it is for companies, big and small, to ensure they protect people’s data. It’s about making the right decisions and taking the right steps around data and email encryption.

What are the benefits of having Switch Secure Email and File Transfer?

Switch Secure Email and File Transfer is designed to overcome the limitations of legacy encryption systems, which were in place some 10 to 15 years ago. We at Egress understand that every business has different technical and operational requirements when it comes to protecting sensitive emails. 

Here are the benefits of Egress:

• One of the main benefits of Egress is that it’s flexible. Egress uses unique on-premise and hosted cloud infrastructure, which enables us to tailor hosting based on a customer's requirements 

• It also helps with productivity. We want to make it easier for staff to work effectively and make sure any data that’s shared is protected in the right way

• It’s user friendly - having Egress means you can secure emails with just one-click via our integration with MS Outlook / Office 365. We also recognise that today’s workforce may need access to secured data anywhere, anytime, which is why our mobile apps provide seamless access regardless of device and location

• In addition, Egress doesn’t limit the size of files that can be shared securely, enabling users to share documents and media files of any size

• Crucially we allow recipients of Egress encrypted message the ability to reply free of charge, ensuring that you and your wider supply chain are able to secure the data they share

For further information, click here

What about if users are currently with another email service, such as Voltage SecureMail?

That’s okay. We understand that users might be looking for alternatives to legacy secure email services such as Voltage SecureMail. Egress offers a defined migration path for those customers looking to move from an alternative system. Our team of experts have the knowledge and expertise to assure a smooth transition for companies should they wish to migrate away from older systems. 

If you need help to identify what service your business needs, then click here to find out more! 

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