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  • A single platform of encrypted communication solutions for emergency services that supports integrated service delivery including mobile
  • Secure information shared with those unable to access government networks
  • Encrypt safeguarding information and provide secure collaboration environments across multiple agencies, to secure citizen data at its most vulnerable time 
  • Always free for your recipients to use
  • A simplified and intuitive user experience that reduces the burden on staff and the risk posed to sensitive data
  • Control what recipients can do with shared information, and mitigate sharing errors in high pressure situations, for example restricting printing and forwarding of content
  • Comprehensive audit logs give you complete visibility over who's accessing shared information and what they do with it
  • Comply with government standards and information security legislation, including HIPAA, FERPA, State-level data security and emerging privacy regulations.
  • Move inbound non-emergency public safety related enquiries and referrals online to reduce the burden on telephone operators
  • Easy-to use email and file encryption for police, ambulance, paramedic, fire and rescue services and ambulance services
  • Encrypt large files regardless of size and type, including CCTV footage and images
  • Integration with existing infrastructure provides seamless encryption for all employees


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