• Encrypted communication solutions to support work with the MOD, other Government organisations and supply chain contractors
  • Maintain compliance with industry information security standards, as well as the Data Protection Act and the upcoming EU GDPR
  • Integration with existing infrastructure and government networks, such as the RLI, provides a seamless user experience
  • Encrypt communications sent outside of government secure networks and connections, such as the RLI and SME contractors
  • Send project information securely by email or share in a secure collaboration environment
  • Control what recipients can do with shared information, for example printing and forwarding content
  • Always free for your recipients to use
  • Secure sensitive data, regardless of file size or how you need to share it
  • Replace costly couriers and improve information security
  • Reduce the risk of an accidental data breach by staff and contractors

Egress Switch enables us to communicate securely with our supply chain and network of third parties, regardless of their size and ability to access government secured networks. Of particular importance is being able to control what recipients can do with the information that's shared with them - for example forwarding, printing or copying information locally - and being able to access a detailed audit log of these actions. As a result, we are able to maintain full visibility and control over our data at all times.

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