• Egress Switch Email Discovery helps organizations evaluate the types and quantities of confidential data being shared by specific departments and employees

Regulatory laws and compliance are increasingly driving the need for more comprehensive and integrated security procedures and practices across all industries.

One of the biggest challenges faced is understanding the flow of sensitive data leaving an organization, in particular via email – which remains the most popular mechanism for sharing information with external third parties.

When implementing email security and data loss prevention measures, many organizations struggle to identify what types and classifications of sensitive information are being shared by individuals and departments.

Switch Email Discovery is quickly and easily deployed within an organization’s existing email infrastructure to silently monitor all inbound and outbound email, providing detailed reports on the confidential information being shared.

  • Create specific rules to scan for relevant and targeted content based on your organization’s information sharing requirement
  • Scan for sensitive data shared via email, based on industry-specific data protection regulations, individual business function and universal policies, including:
    • Key words or phrases
    • Case reference numbers
    • Document trends or types
    • Unstructured content
  • Switch Email Discovery is also supplied with a list of default universal policies to scan for, including:
    • Credit card and financial information
    • Social Security numbers
    • Passport numbers
    • Data protection-related content
    • Child protection and adult social services content
    • Personally identifiable information
  • Detailed analysis and reporting displays the security-critical information flowing throughout the organization 
  • These reports highlight key data sharing trends and any specific areas of vulnerability, as well as the following:
    • Summary of emails processed and associated data characteristics
    • Summary of message types
    • Details of attachments, including size and type
    • Demographic of senders and recipients
    • Data loss prevention message triggers
    • The email domains that sensitive content is sent to
    • The individuals sending sensitive content
    • Message trends by volume and date / time
  • Use findings from these reports to implement email security policies which suit the organization’s newly identified data protection requirements
  • When deployed via Egress Switch Gateway, Egress Switch Secure Email can enforce flexible policies at both the desktop and the gateway to help protect all sensitive information shared both internally and externally
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