Egress Switch Secure Email and Switch Secure File Transfer services can combine with any Office 365 or Google Apps environment

    • For Office 365 and Google environments that use a Microsoft Outlook desktop client, Switch can be deployed directly into Outlook via a fully customizable add-in. The add-in provides policy-based encryption for both internal and external recipients.
    • For organizations that are looking to simplify end-user experience using Outlook Web Access or Google Apps web client, Switch offers customization and policy-driven encryption via the Switch Office 365 or Google Chrome app.

Switch offers flexible deployment options for adopting a fully-hosted Office 365 and Google Apps environment.

By performing encryption at the device level, sent items and inbox content can be stored in encrypted format and therefore secured at all times, regardless of where the underlying data is stored. Applying policies means that sensitive content can be transparently decrypted for authorized viewing and always re-encrypted at rest.

The unique Switch encryption key management system ensures that data and keys are kept separate at all times, providing users with the highest levels of assurance about who can access their data.

  • Data encrypted at rest and in transit
  • Flexible deployment supports hybrid and fully-hosted implementations
  • Encryption at the desktop secures inbox data and sent items
  • Control and audit all information leaving your organization
  • Revoke access to information, even after it has left the Google Apps or Office 365 environment
  • Support a fully mobile workforce using secure mobile apps
  • Remain compliant with industry or government regulations regarding secure data exchange

Switch provides the capability to set up additional authentication protocols for accessing secure content or tying into existing authentication, such as Active Directory via Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS). Switch also supports Secure Assertion Mark-up Language (SAML) 2.0 protocol, which enables easy integration with third-party identity and cloud SSO providers.

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