• Egress Switch Secure Managed File Transfer simplifies the process of exchanging large volumes of data, providing unrivalled integration, automation, and security for file and folder transfer

In today’s complex digital world, the amount of structured and unstructured electronic data being shared between individuals and organizations continues to rise sharply. 

If inadequate data exchange mechanisms are in place, data sharing relies heavily on individual users, increasing staff overheads and leaving potentially sensitive data open to user error and data breaches.

Secure Managed File Transfer helps organizations transfer high volumes of encrypted data from one network to another whilst maintaining high levels of information assurance via auditing, reporting and policy-based email and file classification.

  • Features and benefits:
    • Encryption you can trust – government and industry-certified
    • Reduce costs and enhance efficiency through streamlined automation
    • Integrate bulk file transfer into existing work flows and business processes
    • Detailed audits and reports so you can track data leaving your organization
    • Schedule bulk file transfer with automated send and receive notifications
    • Enforce centralized data protection policies
    • Seamless authentication and federation via ADFS and SAML2
    • Flexible data hosting options – on-premise, hosted or hybrid
  • The auditing and reporting capabilities in Switch Secure Managed File Transfer enable complete visibility throughout the data sharing life cycle, helping administrators to know when information is accessed
  • Customizable email notifications and real-time alerts detailing the success or failure of a transfer can be configured for both the senders and recipients of secure content
  • Choice over integration

Switch Secure Managed File Transfer is designed to integrate easily into existing systems, workflows and processes. Supplied as a fully configurable and scalable application, system administrators can create their own integration points and workflow practices. In addition, the service can be supplied with command line tools and APIs that integrate with scripting technologies.

  • Control over shared information

Maintain control over shared information at all times. Centralized management and control ensures that data is encrypted and maintained in line with an organization’s compliance policies, limiting the risk of information being shared in error or with the wrong levels of security applied. Information sharing can also be scheduled out of business hours to avoid internet bandwidth restrictions or disruption to core systems used by staff.

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