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Smart Authentication

Egress Smart Authentication
Why has Egress automatically granted me access to this message?

Based on several factors such as your location, your email address and past interaction with Egress, our machine learning enabled system has concluded that you are trying to access this message from a low risk system. Egress has provided you with automatic access to view the message along with any attachments without requiring you to sign-up or log into the Egress Email Encryption system. 

This is to increase the ease of use of the Egress solution and make it more convenient for you to access messages.

What restrictions are placed on the message after automatic access?

Automatic decryption of a message will not allow you to reply to that message. You will be required to sign-in if you are an existing user, or enrol for an Egress ID if you are a new user:

What steps do I take to reply to the message?

Please follow the following steps to reply to the message:

  • Step 1: Click on the “Reply” button in the top righthand corner.
  • Step 2: You will be redirected to a sign-in page. Enter your Egress ID and password if you already have an account with us. Create a new password if you do not.
  • Step 3: Successful sign-in will redirect you back to the email message and provide you with full capabilities to compose replies.
Where can I learn more about Egress Email Encryption?

Further information on Egress Email Encryption can be found at:

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