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Email and File Protection

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    How to send an encrypted email and large files using Microsoft Outlook

    Simple security is proven to be successful security. Drag and drop the files you want to share into an email, set time and date restrictions to remain in complete control, and click send. It's really that easy!

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    How to track encrypted information in real-time

    Watch a short video that demonstrates how to track encrypted information in real-time. Using the Package Library, view package contents, monitor delivery reports, and audit user access based on geographic location.

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    How to revoke access to secure emails

    Egress goes beyond the capabilities of traditional protection. Legacy encryption does little to prevent third parties from mishandling shared information. Using Egress, see how easy information can be instantly revoked - even after it has left your physical control.

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    Using Egress Web Access to open an email on Mac

    In this video, you will learn how to use Egress Web Access to open and reply to secure emails on Mac.

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    How to manage user access in real-time

    Sharing information between partners and clients demands flexible and robust technology. Don't lose visibility the moment data leaves your control. See for yourself how Egress enables users to manage access requests in real-time, without the need to re-distribute the information.

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    Receiving a secure email for the first time using Switch Web Access

    Accessing sensitive information you have been sent needs to be done securely but also needs to be a simple process so that you can continue to focus your day to day work. See how easy it can be.

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    How to purchase Egress online

    For orders of 25 users or less Egress can be purchased online. This short video tutorial explains the steps you need to take when purchasing online.

Secure Workspace

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    Getting started with Egress Secure Workspace

    Egress Secure Workspace helps users to share and collaborate effectively on information and projects, whilst ensuring data is kept secure at all times. See how easy it can be.

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