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Computing Editor Stuart Sumner interviews Egress CEO Tony Pepper following wins at the UK IT Industry Awards in 2011 and 2013

Computing Editor Stuart Sumner interviews Egress CEO Tony Pepper following wins at the UK IT Industry Awards in 2011 and 2013

Apr 23, 2014
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London – April 2014 – Following wins of ‘Security Innovation of the Year’ in 2011 and ‘Cloud Provider of the Year’ in 2013Egress Software Technologies CEO Tony Pepper explains to Computing Editor Stuart Sumnerthe impact that the UK IT Industry Awards has had for the company.

“When I look at the awards, I can’t help but reflect back to 2009 and 2010, and the work we did with customers on understanding what their real business problems were,” begins Pepper. “Not only in the way they consumed software – the way they architected services – but also the real business problems they were facing, specifically around information sharing.”

This culminated in data encryption platform Egress Switch being awarded ‘Security Innovation of the Year’ in 2011. “We used it as a steppingstone to take great technology and a fresh approach to information sharing to deliver an encryption service to our customers that allows them to satisfy a whole host of secure information sharing problems,” continues Pepper.

Described by Sumner as “a weighty award”, winning ‘Cloud Provider of the Year’ has re-affirmed Egress’ position as a market-leading encryption services provider – something that the company is very focused on maintaining, particularly in the face of increasing competition. “I think the way we keep ahead of our competition is to move away from providing niche email and file encryption services, which is what we’ve done very well to date, and really build out a broader encryption platform that can cater for all forms of information sharing requirements," Pepper states.

Looking to the future, Pepper explains how the company plans to sustain and develop their market-leading position. “Again, winning the innovation award isn’t something that we believe is a stagnant achievement back in 2011,” he declares. Targeting not only delivering “new functionality on existing services”, Pepper highlights one area of future growth as introducing “new service lines that deliver the functionality that people need, while catering for a range of use cases that include the mobile worker, the remote worker and the office worker – integrating with other cloud services and allowing them to consume it in a way that’s flexible and agile, so that as their needs change, our software can provide support for that”.

Labelling them “one of the strongest awards in the industry”, Pepper concludes by encouraging companies looking to elevate their business and grow their brand to enter the UK IT Industry Awards. “I think they allow all businesses, both small and large, that have delivered really good technology in tough, changing times, to be given the credibility that they rightly deserve.”

To watch the full interview, please click here.

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About Egress Software Technologies

Egress Software Technologies is the leading provider of email and file encryption software, offering innovative on-demand data security to enable organisations and individuals in the Public and Private Sectors to share confidential information with third parties.

As the first, and currently only, CESG CPA Foundation Grade certified email encryption product, Egress Switch enables public and private sector customers to share highly sensitive information over the internet, without the need to manage external third party credentials.

Combining on-premise and hosted Cloud infrastructure with patented key management, Egress Switch provides a unique community-based licensing model called the Egress Trust Network. The Network is made up of paying and free Egress Switch subscribers, who are able to share information securely with one another using a single global identity. Delivered as a fully managed service, the Trust Network has grown virally to over one million members.

About the BCS & Computing UK IT Awards

The BCS & Computing UK IT Industry Awards provide a platform for the entire profession to celebrate best practice, innovation and excellence. In total, this year’s Awards featured 25 categories which covered: project, organisation, technology and individual excellence. The categories were open to organisations and individuals involved in IT across the public, not for profit and commercial sectors

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