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Egress Software Technologies announces new solution for stopping emails being sent to incorrect recipients

Egress Software Technologies announces new solution for stopping emails being sent to incorrect recipients

Oct 6, 2017
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LondonSeptember 2017 – Egress Software Technologies has announced the release of a new solution that prevents emails and sensitive data being sent to the wrong people.

Egress Switch Threat Protection has been developed to solve the problem of the accidental send; when commercially and personally sensitive information is unintentionally released to the wrong recipient, whether through a misaddressed email or inadvertent file share. While external threats to an organisation’s data security have been successfully mitigated using endpoint security, firewalls and encryption, the risk posed by insider human error has thus far seemed intractable.

Arriving at a time when data breaches due to accidental loss are becoming much more common, Switch Threat Protection uses machine learning and big data analysis to understand email usage patterns and historic email data, recognising and alerting users to misaddressed emails before they press send. A common example of this is due to the autocomplete feature of many email clients, when a user sends to a recipient with the same first name as the intended recipient.

Another danger that Switch Threat Protection protects against is the adding of multiple recipients to the To or Cc field rather than the Bcc field when sending a mass email, such as a newsletter. Real-world examples of this type of accidental send demonstrate the serious fines, legal issues and reputational damage involved when an organisation breaches citizen privacy in this way. The severity of these consequences will only increase when the EU General Data Protection regulation comes into force in 2018, so Switch Threat Protection is arriving at a crucial time, ready to help companies tackle the insider threat and avoid data breaches.

Tony Pepper, Chief Executive Officer, Egress Software Technologies commented:

“Everyone has had the sinking feeling that comes with sending an email to the wrong person. At best, you’re left a bit red-faced but no damage is done. At worst, you’ve put personally or corporately sensitive data at risk, and left your organisation open to regulatory penalties and damaged reputation, which can lead to decreased revenue.

“At Egress, we think that every email should reach the right recipient(s) every time, which is why we developed Switch Threat Protection. By using this solution, organisations can significantly reduce the number of data breaches that email causes, as well as protect corporate assets from both accidental and intentional leaks. Not only is this good news in light of increasingly stringent regulation, such as the EU GDPR, but it also makes good business sense to ensure that every corporate data is handled correctly and staff use email as effectively as possible just by making sure their messages reach the right person at the right time.”

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About Egress Software Technologies

Egress Software Technologies is the leading provider of data security services designed to protect shared information throughout its lifecycle.

Offering Public Sector and Enterprise customers a portfolio of complementary services, the Egress Switch platform enables end-users to share and collaborate securely, while reducing the risk of loss and maintaining compliance. These award-winning integrated services include email and document classification, email and file encryption, secure managed file transfer, secure online collaboration and secure email and file archiving.

Certified by UK Government, Switch offers a seamless user experience, powerful real-time auditing and patented information rights management, all accessible using a single global identity.


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