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Egress Switch Secure Vault enhances organisations’ compliance through archiving and search of encrypted content

Egress Switch Secure Vault enhances organisations’ compliance through archiving and search of encrypted content

Aug 1, 2016
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London – August 2016 – Egress Software Technologies today announces the release of the latest addition to the Egress Switch product portfolio: Egress Switch Secure Vault. Complementing existing Switch solutions, this latest product is the first to offer the archiving and search of both encrypted and clear text content.

As a result, organisations are able to index, archive and search against all forms of sensitive data, enabling them maintain regulatory compliance and enhance business continuity. As the market leading provider of email and file encryption services, Switch is used by more than 2,000 organisations across sectors including government, regulatory bodies, financial services, private healthcare, energy and utilities. The introduction of Switch Secure Vault represents the next step in the end-to-end protection of the data throughout its lifecycle.,

The solution enables both users and approved administrators to search all archived content including message body, meta data and any attached files, offering both business continuity for individuals and monitoring of sensitive information shared via email for the wider organisation. Comprehensive statistics and graphics can give as detailed a view as the approved administrators require, from a general overview of inbound and outbound mail flow to fine-grained information about a specific date, user, keyword or domain. In addition, to ensure complete compliance, a detailed audit trail of all user and administrator actions provides powerful access controls over the search and analysis of secure email and file content. The auditing of archive access logs gives administrators visibility over who has accessed the data, what they searched for, and any actions they undertook using the content they discovered.

Commenting on the launch, Egress COO Neil Larkins states: “Increasingly, we are seeing organisations considering the complete data lifecycle – from the point of creation, through sharing sensitive information securely, and then analysing and reporting trends back into the business to inform future policy. As Egress already offers a classification tool and mechanisms to secure all forms of shared electronic data, archiving and search of encrypted emails and files enables us to better support our customers in the end-to-end protection of their sensitive information.

“Switch Secure Vault provides organisations with the confidence that they are maintaining total visibility over all sensitive information shared via email. The product also provides the additional benefit of enhanced business continuity by enabling users to access encrypted and clear text email at all times, even if the main mail server goes down.”

About Egress Software Technologies

Egress Software Technologies is the leading provider of data security services designed to protect shared information throughout its lifecycle.

Offering Public Sector and Enterprise customers a portfolio of complementary services, the Egress Switch platform enables end-users to share and collaborate securely, while reducing the risk of loss and maintaining compliance. These award-winning integrated services include email and document classification, email and file encryption, secure managed file transfer, and secure online collaboration.

Certified by UK Government, Switch offers a seamless user experience, powerful real-time auditing and patented information rights management, all accessible using a single global identity.

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