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96% of people share confidential data with third parties, regardless of whether the necessary security is in place to protect the information

96% of people share confidential data with third parties, regardless of whether the necessary security is in place to protect the information

May 14, 2013
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UK, London – May 2013 – At this year’s Infosecurity Europe event, Egress Software Technologies surveyed delegates on the challenges they face when sharing confidential information with third parties. The market survey uncovered a number of revealing insights that support the view that convenience, not security, is key when it comes to sending data to clients and third parties, regardless of the risks.

Despite high-profile action being taken by the Information Commissioner’s Office to regulate data security, not to mention the large fines levied against those in breach of the Data Protection Act (, business decisions continue to be driven by tight deadlines and financial considerations, rather than based on protecting the information being shared. As organisations recognise that electronic means of communication improve efficiency and reduce costs, increasing amounts of confidential data is being sent using unprotected email, large file transfer and removable storage.

In fact, the latest results from Egress demonstrate that 87% of data is shared digitally, while 100% of those surveyed admitted that a lack of satisfactory security would not stop them from sharing information externally. The survey also shows that those users who have email and file encryption systems in place find them difficult to use, and will often bypass them in order to get information to where it needs to go.  

The key findings from the survey include:

  • 100% of those surveyed would not allow lack of security to prevent information from being shared;
  • Only 29% find their current system easy to use;
  • 88% of unsecured data is shared electronically;
  • 71% stated that existing systems are often overlooked when sharing information because they are hard to use for either the sender or recipient;
  • 33% said that the deciding factor when choosing a system would be ease of use;
  • 13% of confidential data is still shared by fax or registered post.

Reflecting on the survey, Egress Software Technologies CEO Tony Pepper comments: “Overwhelmingly, these results support our view that information security considerations will not prevent confidential information from being shared. In today’s economic climate, business efficiency and cost savings are the key drivers for organisations, and if sensitive information needs to be shared externally, it will be – regardless of whether the necessary systems are in place to do it securely.

“Last year, we ran a similar survey with SC Magazine (, which highlighted many of the same challenges we are currently seeing, and in some cases, the situation seems to be getting worse rather than improving. Organisations need to recognise that the key to effective information security is systems that are simple to use and closely aligned to existing processes. With only 29% finding their current system easy to use and 13% of information still being sent by fax or post, the likelihood of all confidential data being sent securely is alarmingly low.

“For those organisations that manage to successfully integrate information security systems that offer ease of use, the efficiency gains and cost savings can be massive, sometimes running into thousands of pounds, as demonstrated by Camden Council (”

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Egress Software Technologies is a leading provider of email and file encryption services, offering innovative on-demand data security to enable businesses to share confidential information with third parties.

Leveraging a unique combination of on-premise and hosted cloud infrastructure, patented key management delivers real-time 'follow the data' control to ensure that only authorised recipients access confidential information. This next generation level of control and real-time auditing not only protects our clients from accidental loss, but also prevents third parties mishandling personal or sensitive data.

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