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ghd promises to have a Good Share Day using encryption services from Egress

ghd promises to have a Good Share Day using encryption services from Egress

Oct 20, 2015
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London – October 2015 - Encryption services provider, Egress Software Technologies, today announced that international beauty company, Good Hair Days (ghd), has selected its secure email and file transfer services to encrypt confidential information. ghd is using Egress Switch Secure Email and Egress Switch Secure File Transfer to securely share sensitive documents, including legal contracts and patented product innovations. In particular, ghd benefits from centralised user management and authentication through Switch’s integration with Microsoft Active Directory, using ADFS (Active Directory Federation Service). This has enabled the business to share and collaborate on new products with the confidence that information could not be leaked and Intellectual Property (IP) would be protected.

Founded in 2001, ghd has become a leading brand and household name around the globe. Much of this success has relied on its ability to create new and innovative styling products and tools, supported by patented designs and technology. As a result, ghd required an encryption solution that would support their rapid pace of development by enabling their employees to share confidential documents electronically.

Ben Rowe, IT Manager at ghd, explains: “Our brand is built around innovation, so our IP is highly valuable. However, we didn’t have a way of securely sharing and collaborating on new products or patents, which opened the business up to risk. Not only does Switch provide encryption certified by UK Government, it also offers sophisticated technical features that streamline user management. Integration with Microsoft Active Directory through ADFS supports ‘single sign-on’, meaning that our employees can access and share data via a variety of desktop, mobile and web-based applications. In addition, Switch is extremely simple to use. Our recipients don’t need to download or install additional software, and can communicate securely with our partners and suppliers absolutely free of charge.”

As a global business, with heads of business operating on different time-zones and regions, sharing information electronically is often the main source of communication on every aspect of business operations, from HR through to legal and finance. As such, it is equally important to ensure that these communications are not transmitted to the wrong person within the business as it is to ensuring they are not sent to someone externally in error. Therefore, Egress is now the defacto tool for any sensitive information sharing within the organisation.

Rowe continues: “As with any large retail brand, ghd needs to regularly share documents and large files electronically, both internally with employees and with external third parties. As this information includes highly sensitive legal and contract documents, we recognised the need to ensure that this information being sent will only go to the intended person. It’s so easy to send messages in error, but if that’s an employee’s pay or HR review, then it could cause big problems if it is sent to the wrong person. So we needed a solution that could allow for a degree of human error, so that if anything was sent to the wrong person then it could be recalled and the recipient would not be able to read the contents. However, it was not enough to just have a tool; we needed one that would not only provide the highest level of information assurance, but that would also be simple to manage internally and easy for our third parties to use. Egress ticks every box!”

Kelly McCann, UK Sales Director at Egress, comments: “It is positive to see leading brands, such as ghd, prioritising data protection and putting information security at the heart of their data sharing practices. At Egress, we recognise the need for encryption to provide comprehensive security and control but at the same time be easy for IT staff to manage and employees to use. We look forward to working closely with ghd in future to ensure their information security practices will continue to support their business model and growth.”

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About Egress Software Technologies

Egress Software Technologies is the leading provider of hosted and on-premise encryption services designed to secure all forms of electronic information and delivered to customers in both the Public and Private Sectors via a single platform: Egress Switch.

As the first, and currently only, CESG CPA Foundation Grade certified email encryption product on the market, Switch Secure Email enables customers to share highly sensitive information over the internet, without the need to manage external third party credentials. The award-winning Switch portfolio of products also includes Secure File Transfer, Secure Web Form and the latest online collaboration offering, Secure Workspace.

Using patented key management, the platform utilises a unique community-based licensing model known as ‘the Egress Trust Network’ that consists of paying and free Switch subscribers, who are able to share information securely with one another using a single global identity.

About ghd

In 2001, ghd revolutionised the way women styled their hair with the launch of its first styler – a professional tool designed for salon use that could also be easily used at home. ghd has continued to be a leader and innovator in hair styling with its range of professional brushes, ghd Style styling products and the launch of its first hairdryer, ghd air™.


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