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Egress Switch features in the Sunday Telegraph on the benefits of UK data hosting

Egress Switch features in the Sunday Telegraph on the benefits of UK data hosting

Aug 27, 2013
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Newspaper headline: Stay close to home for data storage, urges CEO

The passionate view of Tony Pepper, CEO of Egress Software Technologies, has been intensified by the NSA's data surveillance in the US and its use of the Patriot Act to gather information.

Pepper said: "We know that one of the key concerns our customers have is where their data will be stored. Over 80% of Egress customers are based in the UK, and many are government organisations that handle highly sensitive information that must be afforded the right levels of security and protection at all times.

“From our perspective, it is therefore crucial that we have assurance from our hosting provider over the physical residency of the data and the legal jurisdiction or laws that it falls under. This has been reinforced by recent revelations from the US leaked to the international press by Edward Snowden regarding the National Security Agency's (NSA) programme of data surveillance and use of the Patriot Act in order to obtain information.

“Formed in the immediate wake of 9/11, the Patriot Act enables the US Government to gather information on US and non-US citizens, granting them access to data within the country, as well as that of sister companies based internationally or those using US subsidiaries to process data.

“The majority of people can appreciate that in the interests of national security, governments across the world will on occasion need to intercept communications and access data. When it is done on this type of mass and indiscriminate scale without the data owner being notified, however, it raises questions about fundamental human rights to privacy.

“As a result, Egress customers are simply not prepared to risk the security of their information by relying on a hosting provider that cannot offer more comprehensive data assurance. Fortunately in the UK, the Data Protection Act provides citizens and organisations with additional levels of protection and assurance over when and why their personal information might be accessed.”

Finding an accredited hosting provider which stores data in its own data centres, and is based in the UK, formed the key areas of criteria for Pepper when his company embarked on its search.

He added: “You need a hosting provider that offers assurance through a comprehensive list of security accreditations. You need a UK-based company, storing data in its own wholly-owned British data centres at all times.

“That criteria worked for us when looking for a hosting provider. We are in a position to deliver the end-to-end information security that our customers demand throughout the data lifecycle.”

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