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The leading encryption services provider partners with the leading antivirus solution

The leading encryption services provider partners with the leading antivirus solution

Dec 3, 2015
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London – December 2015 – Via their market-leading platform, Egress Switch, Egress Software Technologies offers encryption services that secure and protect all forms of electronic information shared both internally and with external third parties. As part of regular updates to maintain the level of service they deliver, Egress has chosen to replace their previous antivirus solution with Bitdefender Antimalware Technologies, protecting against all types of malicious attacks, including both known and unknown threats. This development stands as proof that Egress is constantly striving to ensure that their encryption services offer customers industry-leading innovation, security and information assurance.

Effective antimalware technologies provide multiple layers of security and detection methods to ensure industry-leading detection accuracy and performance for known and unknown threats that leverage zero-day scenarios. Aside from proven efficiency and performance, Egress were also looking for smooth integration, broad platform support and compatibility with their architecture. They found exactly what they needed and more in Bitdefender’s OEM solutions and services.

Egress COO Neil Larkins comments on the announcement: “We integrate antivirus solutions into our encryption services in order to offer our customers end-to-end information security. As part of delivering the highest level of assurance, we make sure that Switch is aligned to the best antivirus solutions available. Our decision to select Bitdefender reflects their ever-growing role within this market and the innovative solutions they bring to it.”

Egress’ encryption services are currently used by organizations across all industries, including professional and financial services, healthcare providers, utilities and central and local government departments. The scalability of their services means that they are used by large enterprises, small-medium enterprises (SMEs), and individual users around the world. Consistently selected in the face of established competition, Egress goes beyond the capabilities of traditional protection in the fight against data breach.

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About Egress Software Technologies

Egress Software Technologies is the leading provider of hosted and on-premise encryption services designed to secure all forms of electronic information and delivered to customers in both the Public and Private Sectors via a single platform: Egress Switch.

As the first, and currently only, CESG CPA Foundation Grade certified email encryption product on the market, Switch Secure Email enables customers to share highly sensitive information over the internet, without the need to manage external third party credentials. The award-winning Switch portfolio of products also includes Secure File Transfer, Secure Web Form and the latest online collaboration offering, Secure Workspace.

Using patented key management, the platform utilises a unique community-based licensing model known as ‘the Egress Trust Network’ that consists of paying and free Switch subscribers, who are able to share information securely with one another using a single global identity.

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