Preparing for GDPR

Preventing data breaches in the 21st Century

Working practices have changed, but the number of data breaches continue to rise. The EU GDPR brings regulation into step with the ways people are sharing data in the 21st Century to improve data protection in organisations which handle EU citizen’s data. To comply with the new rules organisations will need to:

Take control

  • Understand the data they hold. It's crucial to know how information is stored and shared.
  • Securely store citizen data. Respond quickly to Freedom of Information Requests and Subject Access Requests.
  • Encrypt personal email and file data. If you can prove that data encryption is in place it can actually be a mitigating factor in case of a data breach.
  • Quickly audit and gather information. Whether spotting a potential breach or managing an unfolding one, you need a full picture of events to take rapid action.

Get ready for the new rules on data breaches

  • Mandatory reporting of data breaches. Any organisation suffering a breach that risks sensitive information has 72 hours to notify authorities.
  • Financial penalties of up to 4% annual worldwide turnover or €20m. The total cost of a data breach is set to skyrocket.
  • Faster responses to data requests. People will have more power to find out how their data is used, and organisations will need to respond quickly to data requests.

Egress provides the tools you need

With such complicated legislation it’s difficult to know where to start, but help is at hand. The Egress platform is a holistic approach to data security that helps you reach compliance:

  • Egress for data classification. Classify documents with customisable policies and automation, then track shared content with document fingerprinting. Find out more.
  • Egress for securing email and files. Encrypt emails and shared files, plus stay in control with access revocation and message restrictions. Find out more.
  • Egress for auditing and compliance reporting. Understand how data has been shared and with whom, quickly and easily in order to meet compliance and respond to SARs. Find out more.

Learn about our Egress GDPR In A Box bundle.

Secure data throughout its lifecycle

The Egress platform secures your data from the point of its creation, to its sharing, storing and beyond. It’s the key to effective compliance:

  • Keep control of your data
  • Ensure users are sharing securely
  • Store data effectively whilst gaining insight
  • Easily and promptly comply with requests for data

To find out more about the Egress platform, please click here.

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